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Wardrobe Edit

Our wardrobes can get so cluttered with different sizes, styles, and seasons. A wardrobe Edit is the perfect way to begin your styling journey.

Do you find yourself saying “I have nothing to wear” or are you in a style rut? Then a wardrobe edit is right for you! Together we can understand your clothes, find missing gaps, and enjoy the great pieces you already own.


Before we start, I offer a free consultation where we can chat about your goals, likes, and dislikes, and I can assess your wardrobe on what needs to be done.


On the day of your wardrobe edit, I will start by separating your clothes into sections; we will then look through each section together and decide what is going to stay and create a charity, fixing, and archive piles.

Whilst doing so, I will create a shopping list that will identify the gaps in your clothing collection.

I will leave your wardrobe looking and feeling like your very own boutique, every garment will be hung correctly and displayed in colour coordination.


This service is best of prior to creating looks.

£450 per day

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